Danny Phantom Headcanons

This is a blog to show everyone your head cannons of the amazing show that is Danny Phantom. Be it something big or something small, everyone is welcome to share their own canons. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. No matter how silly or weird, as long as it's DP related then please submit ;) Oh and make sure to read the 'read before posting' page! :D

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Read Before Submitting

Not technically rules. Just things you should know and submitting and etc crap.

-Don’t be mean. These are how people see this fandom in their own eyes. Don’t be a jerk and try to ruin it for them. We all have our own canons and what not. This is a safe place to let your canons be shown. If you have a problem with people who think differently from you…then this isn’t the place for you.

Now that I scared away the jerks let’s go to the fun parts! You can submit as much as you like! ^^ Even back to back!

-For now, the way to submit a headcanon is to simply submit through ask and I will caption it. Later, I might have you guys submit if you want…but I’m still newish. If you have any scene in particular you want to be used then let me know! ;3 

-I repeat, ANY type of headcanon is acceptable. As long as is Danny Phantom related of course. If you don’t want to be known you sent it, I will simply have you Anonymous. :)

-If it’s a long headcanon, please make a “short version” to throw on the caption picture. Then I’ll submit the rest in the caption. :3 Please!


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